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  1. Redecorating is a huge good thing, especially now! Almost everyone I know is so overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. Fair play to you for taking on that project! I hope you'll keep us updated because I could personally use the inspiration. I’m still trying to refinish my hardwood floors—I only pulled up the carpet a couple of years ago. Seriously. I took on too many home projects at once (painting, refinishing cabinets, pulling up linoleum, etc.) it would have been a not so smart move for anyone, but I’m not a DIY person, have painted precisely one wall my entire life, and the most complex tool I’ve ever used is a drill. The cabinets did turn out really well, so there’s that. 😄 Seriously, I really want updates! I’d love to see how things turn out. I keep swearing that 2021 is the year I get this house together, but I’m one of the every one I know suffering from emotional paralysis. But who knows? Your post prompted me to put up new kitchen curtains, so it could all happen. So apparently the good thing that happened to me is that I read your post! 😃 Thank you for the uplift!
  2. Finishing up my cards for the card exchange! I had no idea listening to U2 and sending out cards could give me all the feels. Thanks Lady McPhisto for your work and thanks to everyone involved for giving the future a big kiss. ❤️
  3. Thanks. Sorry,, I should have clarified that. Nothing wrong on the U2 side!
  4. For me, that spirit is called tequila. Way back in college dancing in the beer garden to the Police only stopping for shots. Great memory...even the next day hangover.
  5. It makes me happy to know I can still get excited and all fan girl anticipatory over the prospect of listening to an album I've listened a billion times one more time again. I'm serious--it's been a bad time for all of us. I'm happy I still can get happy over stuff I used to get happy over.
  6. I play Chopin, but never drank Chopin. This could be that new life goal I've been searching for! I wasn't picky about the vodka, it was a Bloody Mary evening. But I hear ya on the pickiness. I picked up a thing for scotch a couple years ago. It turns out I have amazing taste. 😞
  7. is a thing. I just discovered this and thought it important to share. 🤪
  8. Hi all. I'm Tabitha. Long, long, long time lover of this band, new to the site. And at the risk of immediately assigning myself a front row seat in the Loser section, I'll go ahead and confess that the complete and sudden implosion of my entire life led me to this tender trap. 🙂 I've always said that my relationship with U2 has not only outlived every other one, but those four guys are the only men I know who've never once let me down. I'm happy this site exists, happy there's a dry space to run to out of the hurricane, and I look forward to kicking off my boots and getting to know you. I
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