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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Lisa looks absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if this helps any at all but “Faraway, So Close” literally saved my life after the death of someone close to me. I often feel it’s U2’s eulogy for everyone we love who are beyond our eye’s sight. I’ve heard it said it’s Bono’s favorite song. It’s based on a Wen Wenders film, “Wings of Desire,” that you might find comforting. One of my favorite bits of trivia about that film is that children had final word as to what angels look like.
  2. Hi. Just wanting to reconnect I guess. Pandemic really took a toll on me (like everyone, I guess.) I had and survived the virus but sometimes it feels like its grip extended/extends beyond the physicality of it, if that makes any sense. Anyway, long time fan hoping for a safe harbour to hang out. I’m not much of a poster, but I do like reading what others post. U2 were always my safe space since I discovered them. I could, like everyone, really use some solid ground these days. I just watched the i + e video a few days or so ago—it was all pretty amazing except I found the updated MacPhisto truly disturbing. But I guess that’s meant to be the point, huh. 🙂 The band look amazing. I’m entering the “experience” phase of my life and haven’t been entirely happy about embracing it but these guys have filled me with awe and a sense of hope about where I am that I’ve not had in a while. I absolutely love, love, love Larry’s glasses—so much I’m forgoing the contacts I’d planned getting at my next eye appointment and doing some serious old lady cat eyes. 🙂 Thanks for reading—I wish everyone peace.
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