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U2 Live Songs of INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE 2019 Gift!

U2  Live Songs of INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE 2019 Gift!

I just received my U2 Live Songs of Innocence and Experience 2019 GIFT, I'm posting the HOT PHOTOS and I WILL get BACK later with a full review after I listen to it !


LATER EDIT:  I'm BACK HOT from the listening...... I'm sweating !!!!!!  The Two CDS work Perfectly......

ONE WORD: Larry Just Burries everything beneath the sand while grinning !!!! WOW FINALLY the Powerful Drumming  I've been waiting for on a U2 gift CD !!!!!!

And my CONS for this are that we don't have " Until the End of the World", "Acrobat", "Dirty Day" and better versions for " Song for Someone" and " The Crystall Ballroom "- Here I think the CHICAGO version was much more powerful and Edge's Solo incomparably better as opposed to the Boston one !

Also " Lucifer's Hands" !!!!

If you ask me U2 should LET Each of US CHOOSE a full Innocence+Experience Concert according to which one we lvoed the most as the NExt Gift !

AND I LOVE GLASGOW - November 2015 !!!!!!


Now Off to listen to it again !!!!! Air_Drumming in Progress !

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