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  1. Thanks for the reply Mich, yes Vertigo, will try the form again.

    Update-- tried again but get message saying not answering email or phone, here's a screen grab

    Update --- got an email saying my form was received and then another today saying that a replacement has shipped. So the form works, even though it says it doesn't 🤔 Thank you for your help 👍


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  2. 1 hour ago, RangerOne said:

    One more flag for the Blu-ray! It makes absolutely no sense to make this available in DVD when we subscribers are actually interested in content. The only reason I can think of for somebody to be happy with whatever the format/quality as long as it is and exclusive release is to make a profit by reselling it, which certainly is not the spirit of membership.

    The video (and audio!) quality of a DVD release is definitely inferior to the one in Blu-ray or even streaming, and anyone who's been watching audiovisual media in the past 10 years can definitely notice that. As a subscriber, I'm here because of the exceptional content (and pre-sales ;) ), so its quality is extremely important.


    Don't think you can generalise like that.  I'm happy with whatever the format is because I am not overly fussed about slightly better quality (it's a personal thing); but I won't be selling my copy (I will be keeping it and playing it). 

    Perhaps DVD was selected as a media because it is readily playable format across different devices old n new?  As not everyone has access to the latest hardware that could play Bluray?  So it's fairer for everyone.

    I too hope/ agree that a different version is not made available commercially like 'From the Sky Down' (box set v's commercial release of movie) or the available nowhere else U2 map being given away free during RSD. 

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  3. One things for sure theyll be no tickets allocated to anyone living round here;):lol: seems to be the ticket spot that U2 forgot

    Graham Norton show; CDUK; TOTP; U2 book signing; Astoria; etc, etc .... nowt where I live:rolleyes:

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