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  1. On 10/20/2020 at 9:30 PM, mich40 said:

    European tickets always looked so much cooler than US ones. 

    Some of them used to be great, though past three tours have changed more to a generic printed ticket or paperless ones now.  I miss those little works of art, but as long as I can get into a show I don't mind😉

  2. Yeah it was, rest of the roll was just a blurred mess hahah. Bono got right on the front with his right knee about 2 inches from my face. Couldnt tell if i got any good puctures until the film was sent off for developing and posted back to me. Was and am pretty chuffed with that photo.

    Scans a bit ropey though

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  3. Yeah I need to find that one again. I will have to check my basement this weekend :) I bought it a looooong time ago in a little music shop in a little town in British Columbia. I have 3 different u2 posters that size.


    If you find and want to sell it, I would probably be interested, PM if you do and want to - thanks

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