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  1. 11 hours ago, DeirdreBell said:

    That's what I thought, but it says a bit differently on the link you posted  (see attached).  So, I'm guessing they'll send you new codes for additional dates at the same venue for which you were previously registered...if you didn't buy any tickets?  This is so confusing.  What if you bought less than the limit?  Guess we'll find out.  (This is not fan presale.  This is general.)

    Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.40.36 AM.png

    I found that part confusing too. I bought one ticket in the verified fan sale, so I went ahead and registered for both of the added shows I would consider attending. 

    As far as the next verified subscriber presale, It looks like I'm good to go for that according to the help page. It specifically mentions Montreal 2, but I figure this just needs updating since more shows have been added.

    *Let me not forget to thank Max for responding above. ?


  2. 3 hours ago, unikguy said:

    Yes I know about the general sale. But what about U2 Fan presales? Must we re-setup? And if so how? If our profile says setup complete?

    Can one of the moderators give us some direction if we must re-setup or stay as is and hopefully get a another code or use same code??




    I'm in the same boat as you, only bought one ticket in the presale hoping for a chance at an added date. I would think that since it still says setup complete, that we are good to go for added verified subscriber presales.

    At least I hope so, but would appreciate mod input on this too, especially concerning the code we were issued for first set of presales.

  3. 5 hours ago, vertigojds said:

    I don't think there's any chance that the presale code will work for the main sale.

    I think it's likely that if you didn't use your code for the presale, and extra shows are added, that you'll have a chance to use your code (or be given a new code) for the added dates.  That's how it worked for added dates in 2015 and 2017.

    Agree. Would be very surprised if they didn't.

  4. Well I never thought our verified subscriber code would be used for the general sale. I figured a separate code (or however they let you know you've won the verified fan lottery) would be used and that the subscriber code was only for presales.

    If they think there's an uproar now, just wait until they try to deny carry over of verified subscriber codes!

    I know people are saying they heard this from the U2 customer service people but I wonder. I sent the U2 help desk an email on Monday about this after the experience presale, because I only used my code for one ticket in the hopes that another show would be added in my chosen city, Chicago. So far I've received three autoreply emails saying someone will get back to me in 12 hours. I believe that means they are still trying to figure this all out and that what has been stated by these customer service reps about subscriber codes will turn out to be incorrect or will be changed.

  5. 14 hours ago, lulu15 said:

    Well, im stuck with them with 2 subscriptions for another year. Even tho i used a presale code, ticketmaster MADE me buy another subscription.  not happy with how this whole thing was handled and have never had a problem before.  Im a long time member and my loyalty was compromised.  I dont see the point anymore.  Congrats on your GA!  The only way to see u2!!

    Same here, longtime subscriber too. That would make me not happy too. Wonder why that happened. Maybe someone at U2.com can make it right. Agree about GA. But after Chicago, I think I better workout to be ready for September. ?

  6. 53 minutes ago, MaryElise99 said:

    Ticketmaster is a joke! I used up my presale code for the first leg so I tried TM directly this morning. At 10:00 a.m. sharp I made my request and at 10:03 a.m. TM tells me there aren't tix available from the venue...but resale tix are already posted. So much for preventing scalpers. TM wouldn't even let me transfer tix to a family member for a show last month.

    Try again. I got a GA 20 minutes into the sale. I was only going for one ticket though. Good luck! 

  7. Hmm, I see there's been lots of activity on here since page 1. ?  Gotta love presales ?

    O' happy day! My code is back! I sure wish I had the chance at 4 tix, but I'll take my 1 shot and hope for the best. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Once again, thank you bigwave, Max and mich40, for your patience, assistance and reassurances. Have a feeling you mods may need of one of these once presales are over. ➡????☕

    Good luck to everyone trying for tix in the presales and beyond. ????



  8. 14 minutes ago, Max Tsukino said:

    You can buy 1 ticket with the presale code once it appears on your profile page... this will happen as the date/time of the presale approaches...

    in the meantime... patience and zen. it's time to plan and wait until the presale code appears...

    (apparently it is!) o_O

    Ok then, patience and zen it is. ?

    Thank you to all three mods for the clarifications!


  9. Ok last question I swear! I used my presale code to buy three tickets total earlier this year, two for Chicago 1 and one for Chicago 2. According to one of the responses above then, I should have the opportunity to buy one more ticket in the presales for the new shows. However, that code is missing from the tour page. So they have removed all presale codes while auditing them before sending out emails and putting them back on the tour page?


    Is it Max's turn to answer? ;)


    Thanks, Lesa

  10. 14 minutes ago, bigwave said:

    hi Lesa yes, no codes are showing yet

    Ok, I just read in another topic, that because this is an extension of the current tour, that we probably would not get new codes even though resubscribed. Is this true?

    Btw, I had the date wrong. I resubscribed in late Feb of this year as my deadline was approaching. My deadline was  early March.

    Thanks, Lesa

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