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  1. On 1/2/2021 at 2:03 PM, adamtaglietti said:

    Confused with the renewal choices - standard and premium..The way they are named makes me feel like I could miss out on something!

    Am I right in saying the 'Premium' option just includes the 2020 gift if you haven't already got it? And I won't be missing out by not selecting 'Premium'? It's worded like it's a different subscriber access level!

    I've been subbed since 2014 so have all gifts apart from them R&H Dance Remixes (not lost sleep about not having them, though)!

    *Edit - Just wanted to add, happy with this gift - would love an ATYCLB Irving Plaza 2000 CD at some point though!

    With the premium subscription, in addition to last year's gift, there's also this:  "Streaming in 4K HD, in full, on demand."

    I wonder if that means streaming access to all the SAME content, but in 4K quality?

  2. On 2017-11-15 at 10:49 AM, vertigojds said:

    With respect... U2.com is a product managed by LiveNation.  Ticketmaster is owned by LiveNation.  These aren't separate entities.  So there's really no excuse for any of this, and I'm not really satisfied with the answer that so-and-so from this company didn't understand what so-and-so from that company meant.  LiveNation offered U2 a fortune to buy their fanclub and touring business, and U2 accepted.  This puts the responsibility jointly on both parties.

    The quality of customer service went down significantly when LiveNation took over, and following Guy Oseary taking over for Paul McGuinness, the band and their management are no longer accessible or answerable to fans.

    Well said!

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  3. On 2017-11-15 at 1:30 PM, amauerbach said:

    As far as I can tell, they did not release a single extra ticket for the 2nd presale group. I've been a fan club member for years, and only ended up in the Innocence group because I forgot to renew in time. I was lucky enough to get "verified" - though who cares when there is not a single GA or Red Zone ticket available for our presale group. So absurd. Seriously - did anyone in the Innocence group get GA or Red Zone? Such a farce! After demanding an extra $40 for a membership that is still active just to have the chance to participate in this presale. The whole way they're doing the sales this time around is bound to alienate tons of long term fans. Nicely done, U2. Thanks for nothing.




    This is horsesh*t and a betrayal. Sad day for all U2 fans.  Some are gonna start calling the band ME2, as in me the band - it's all about $ for the band, for Guy Oseary, and their corporate partners.   millionaire club.   Fans are getting screwed so far. How has this new system limited scalpers and bots?   The real scalpers are Ticketmaster themselves and LiveNation. Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry - are you going to issue your own statement that us true fans get to hear, and not through your mouthpiece Guy?

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