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  1. Early morning april 4.....shot rings out in the Memphis sky....

    free at last,they took your life,they could not take your pride....

    Int the Naaaame of love,what more in the name of  love.... <3 this version!!!!

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  2. 11 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    That would be a dream come true for me.  I still listen to Achtung Baby from start to finish and I do so regularly.  I think it's the greatest album since Sgt. Pepper's.  Another question:  Do you think they'd do that when they EI is yet to begin and AB 30th is only two years from now?   It's a nice thought, that is for certain, imho.

    excellent taste my friend!!! ;) yes,i think (and hope) there will be an AB 30th anniversary tour,just like there was for JT!!!keep our fingers crossed!  


  3. Acrobat!!! my all time favorite U2 song!!!Brilliant from their masterpiece Achtung Baby!(also my favorite)

    really hope they will play it someday....but don't think it will happen on SOE tour.... :( hope there will be an Achtung Baby tour next time,that would be awesome!!!!!

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