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  1. Thank you. I have already written to U2 Shop support and I am waiting for a reply. I thought that maybe you know what company most often deals with delivering packages to Europe and if anyone has had similar problems.

  2. I ordered two shirts at the U2.COM store exactly on 14/09/2018. Then I received an e-mail with order confirmation and another one with confirmation of shipment and Tracking Information: Tracking No. UGxxxxxxxxxx and
    The tracking link may take 24-48 hours to show shipping progress.

    Unfortunately, I do not know who is responsible for shipping ... Where to enter the shipment number. Likewise, there is no link that takes me to the carrier's website. Anyone had this situation?

    I suspect that the shirts will not be delivered until 3.10.2018 ...

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  3. I have a question about U2 | (RED) Zone Package and specifically what you have the impression of buying concert tickets from the current tour. What is the chance of going behind the scenes? How many people can go behind the scenes? How long before the concert were you on the spot?

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