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JT Cassette

Joshua Tree 1987

JT Cassette

My beloved JT cassette. The spools are different colors. Why? Because 19-year-old me stepped on my beloved cassette tape when it was buried under a pile of clothes in my very messy bedroom and I broke it! I took apart another cassette and replaced the broken spool!

    YES....I have it.....

    THE very interesting thing IS that my aunt had the same cassette but with GREEN framing (you know....the framing that outlines the U2-photo) instead of black and With the other, more rare front cover, which was kind of pressed giving the impression that the band was shape-shifting or Bono was splitting into half or something

    .......And With the Crickets on EXIT.....

    MY cassette is similar to yours from above, except that on EXIT , there are no crickets...instead there's this weird (as in very cool) organ and Adam's Bass is more prominent and on ONE Three Hill, Edge's guitar resembles the abrasive playing on Acrobat.......Very Cool........ !!!!!

    I'll post a photo of mine when possible !

    Oh and...Extremely Cool, photo, thanks for posting !!!!

    I had the tape, too.  I played it so much it snapped in my cassette deck in my car.  It took the the rest of the afternoon removed what seemed like a mile of tape.  I bought another one but alas, I gave it to a friend when I switched over to compact discs.  Sadly, I do not think that tapes will encounter a resurgence like vinyl records, but man, were they cool.


    Nice pic!  :)




    P.S. If you are so inclined, please check out my U2 fan blog (AchtungNinja.com).  I've been posting about The Joshua Tree and what an awesome album it still is.