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  1. Happy New Year! Hopefully U2 visit Australia in 2018

  2. New Album? Wot New Album? (Merged)

    New U2 material. Super impressive news. Not long to wait now to see what they've come up with this time!
  3. Makes sense - especially when you read their role descriptions. It's the "Board" so it's quite a good move from Fender and Bono & Edge wouldn't take on a role like they have with Fender unless they had something to give. It's not about being the fastest, hottest Fender players in the galaxy - that's what an endorsee does this is the Board of Directors Sounds very smart all around to me
  4. Hooray for Brisbane!!! Can't wait to experience the show!!
  5. There is going to be a presale i believe. There are various levels of membership etc. does anyone know when the "Horizon members" will have access via for the Brisbane Show? I believe it's 3 days prior to the official ticket release to the general public. So I make that a Tuesday of that week (Brisbane Show) for Horizon Members at 9am and then this carries through, with other levels of members gaining access that afternoon and over the next few days... Fingers crossed for a Presale being hopefully: Tuesday 31st for Horizon access, as that's my day off from work Either way can't wait!!! Peace