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  1. I appreciate that you are trying to help, but that is all I have is a trail of UNANSWERED emails and calls that lead to nonsensical notifications (that go to untraceable shipments). U2.com Help sends me to Live Nation to resolve. Live Nation sends me back to U2.com. This has been going on since September. So hopefully you can appreciate my frustration when it appears no one is actually willing and/or able to help.
  2. For the moderator who said "Please Wait", know that I have been waiting since September when I was first told it was in the mail and they shipped to the wrong address. Then they said they were shipping another, then after 6 weeks it hasn't arrived and no one answered not one of my three emails asking the status of this. Finally email 4 got answered and I was told its a emailed and here is a tracking number. yet when I track it, it shows not "arrived at carrier". So there is nothing to track. So, what exactly am I waiting for besides either of the shipments that were supposedly mailed to me, a tracking number that does not work, or someone to respond to an email all to get me something I already paid for. this year's membership sucked. First, for the first time in 30 years as a Fan club member I got crappy seats because of the way the pre-sale seats were handled and now my "gift" (that I pay for) is where exactly??!!!
  3. I still haven't received my 2018 Gift. I emailed Ticketmaster 2X and no response. Well one response blaming me for not updating my address, which I did. But they said updating my profile on U2.com back in June was not sufficient I was supposed to email them too (which WTH-how would I know that). Then they said they mailed it, but that was 6 weeks ago no package, and 2 emails to them have gone unanswered. Can anyone help??
  4. They sent my package to the wrong address, even though I updated my address months ago when I moved. I have sent several emails to Live Nation and no response. Anyone have any ideas on alternate contact methods??
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