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  1. Thanks Monica! Would the end of Section E away from center stage and a few rows up be ideal? Seems closer to the catwalk and E stage than the far wings (eg Section A) while a good angle to see both the screen and the main stage. Sound right?
  2. If not GA, what is the best place to sit in 3Arena for the IE staging? What are the starting row numbers for the lower sections given the set up?
  3. Thanks all for the above tips. One question: Is it worth entering early to try to get a spot on rail in RZ? How early would that be and do folks line up in advance? Or is the beauty of the RZ that you can come in fairly last minute and have an equally good view as long as you don't care about a rail to lean upon? Also, are there separate bars or other facilities for RZ? Other reasons to head in early and chill? Thank you!
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