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  1. Still no Scottish dates...to say I'm gutted is an understatement! Bitterly disappointed as it looks like there will be none!

  2. What are the chances of some Scottish dates being announced? Gutted to have missed out on the recent Joshua Tree tour (I've seen every tour since 1992). 

    1. marcelu2


      I know I am absolutely gutted that scotlands been missed again. ?

  3. What are the chances of more dates being released...say for Glasgow or Manchester do you think? Holding off my pre sale allocation in the off chance. Am usually in Spain all summer & is going to cost a fortune to get to Barcelona with hotel + tickets for my 2 children!

    1. gigmaster


      yeah can be a hard 1 to call.i just boxed off my 4 for Croker.

  4. Thanks for the reply....was worried I might miss out on the chance of the backstage tour if I went for dinner lol! Fingers crossed I get lucky!
  5. I have Red Zone tickets for sat 7 Nov....can I go and register and pick up my tickets and see if I've won Backstage tour and if I've not can I take my tickets away and come back later (supposed to be meeting friends for a quick bite to eat before the concert....obviously if I get backstage tour I will be cancelling dinner!)
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