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  1. Never said it should be part of this set/release/cd. It should have been released as bonus tracks for U22/Edge’s Picks several years ago. The fact that they had 46 songs (I think they said it was every song played on that tour) ready to go and they released 43 seems odd (and it would be great if they released them as bonus downloads someday). Its odd that Lucifer’s Hands isn’t on this CD (although it was only played 3 times on the tour and maybe the band just wasn’t satisfied with any of the three recordings). There should be plenty of room on the cd. I think some of the other songs listed were played on the tour and are rarities. I would not want those on the cd’s but would make great bonus downloads this year. Just seems like releasing 43/46 U22 tracks and omitting Lucifer’s Hands are unforced errors and sloppy by U2...
  2. Yeah, Lucifer’s Hands would make a nice bonus Download. We can hope...but I wouldn’t count on it. i still don’t get why we didn’t eventually get all 46 songs from the U22 voting booth. For those who don’t remember, we got to vote on 22 out of 46 songs for the U22 release. The next year, Edge’s Picks gave us 15 more. Bonus Downloads those 2 years added 6 of the others. That left 3 songs MIA. I’d love to see the Fan Club throw those up as bonus Downloads for us...but I don’t see that happening sadly... Missing Tracks were: -Mothers of the Disappeared -Party Girl -Return of the Stingray Guitar Can anyone at the Fan Club make this happen?
  3. I subscribed and opted for both the vinyl and the book. Received neither. Seriously, why didn't last year's book ship immediately?
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