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  1. Haven't gotten my copy of the North Side Story yet but it was ordered 1/22 so it might be a few more days.

    1. paul


      mine came 14th feb in uk


  2. 2nd U2 Show at Soldier Field *lodging* etc:)

  3. I really like the new album! What a surprise--that it's free! Still listening to it so I don't have favorites, but there are some awesome songs on there:-)

  4. Happy Birthday Bono!! Hope it was a good one! As for me, in-between jobs and watching too much tv.

  5. Well...I'm going to try again for tickets in Chicago and make an exciting trip for my daughter & I...it didn't workso good last Wednesday morning because I was using my tablet...

  6. LaCroix Lemon flavored sparkling water...very good in my opinion

  7. Drinking vodka and diet coke...watching "The Devil Wears Prada" city of blinding lights is in that movie...very nice

  8. Super excited:) I bought 4 awesome seats to the newest Chicago show at soldier field--I know who'll fill 3 but the 4th might be my 19 year old girl or my 17 year old son! So, now we are planning a trip around this event:) thank you U2 something fun to look forward to in the dead of winter in MN

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