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  1. singysongy

    ENTRY TIMES Lots and gates, GA

    ok thanks!
  2. We are ISO of 1 single for Sunday at Foxboro to round out our group. Most of us in GA but OK with 1 single anywhere to get our pal in the building! PM THANKS!
  3. singysongy

    2 at Gillette.

    Does 2 mean you have 2 tickets in each section or 1 in each?
  4. singysongy

    ENTRY TIMES Lots and gates, GA

    No bags larger than a wallet? Really? has anyone had luck with a small bag?
  5. singysongy

    Amazing Man deserves a break

    Call Live Nation and Ticketmaster. I've had luck at Fenway Park and the Wang Center doing this for disabled family member! Jeff is lucky to have you -- and you him. xx
  6. singysongy

    UBER at Foxboro, think about it.

    I would call them to pick me up at a place 1 mile in the direction I was going (south / north) and meet them there. 20 minutes walking, vs hours in the car. Anyone had success with UBER or LYFT at Foxboro? It's out in the sticks -compared to Boston or PROVIDENCE but I imagine savvy drivers hover nearby.
  7. Hi we are looking for 1 more GA for a friend in town now on Sunday. Prefer GA so she's with us, but could do another section too PM me please thanks!