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A Sketch which might become a More Serious drawing soon about an Ancient Tribal Amazonian Legend according to which in times Immemorial Four Thunder Gods Descended into a river in the Amazonia and Made a Fire and Cooked Some Food in a giant Pot, Ate and then Fled.....There is a certain Rock at a Gauge of a river I don't remember the name of - on which the pot was put and the tribes call it "The Thunders' Pot" , I saw the Documentary either on National Geographic or Viasat Nature. The main idea is that the tribes are strongly tied to their Ancestral Legends, Gods and Ancestors and that the rock is somekind of mark that you're not allowed to pass through that area or something...The tribes have a really deep culture and vast knowledge of the Ever-Shrinking Amazonian Forest : The Importance of the balance of Nature and of using everything from the hunt that you take back to the hut. They mostly gather fruits and make a kind of paste that's supposed to make you full and take your mind off meat...The tribes are aware that Man has the power to change the environment but they deliberately choose to keep themselves from damaging too much of the forest and they adapt themselves to the environment....A Tribe-Leader told the interviewer that he's aware,though, that there's nothing we can do to stop humans from growing in numbers and that will naturally kill the Planet, because more people have more needs - However : each and one of us should pay more respect to Nature: trees, animals, bugs, everything...
Very Painful documentary that shows hundred of year-old Trees being cut down with the impossibility of stopping the action.
LIFE is a big disagreement. Everyone is a walking contradiction....Nature is beautiful as long as you're in control of it and it doesn't' kill you...But if you kill it so that you may live you regret killing what you love and consider beautiful, then again, if you don't-it kills you...In the End you die anyway. What can you do : Nothing.......
I'll keep loving trees in the comfort of concrete, it' easy for me to love them as long as I'm not in an Oak Forest in the cold and trying to defend myself from Wolves and Bears and everything that's out to kill me, how's that for a mind-bend !!!
There's a Magic to Nature and these Ancient Legends, I'll try to develop this "Thunders" idea in a more elaborate drawing....Somewhere in the future....
So to express yourself through art or in any way you got to have had something to eat first, to be sheltered from the cold or extreme heat and deadly animals or deadly rival tribes...Only then you have a psychological comfort, a relaxation to think and develop your inner feelings that are ultimately linked to the outside...
The Inside IS the Outside !!!


© Cris

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It's good when there's balance in society. Sustainable use is the way to go. The way society has treated the ecosystem for a long time now isn't sustainable.


I just read this today that u posted in December & where u mention the Amazon River it reminded me of part of a STP song I posted yesterday - the part of 'Adhesive' that says "Down the river, down the river" & "it's all so confusing."


I think true democracy is usually necessary to protect the environment. If there's too much corruption, too much power in the hands of a tiny percent of people (for ex, too much power in the hands of for-profit corporations) then it's Dangerous for the rest of us.

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