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  1. The waiting room idea seems to work, having used it a few times for different gigs. Just have to resist the temptation to refresh!
  2. Just back from Sheffield. Sat on Adam's side, just about level with front of the b-stage and sound was immense.
  3. Was in section 121, £150 seats, near back row of the lower tier. Sound was terrible for The Hours, better for Elbow and better again for U2, but far fromperfect. Bono's voice seemed slightly helium-ish at times, like all the lower mid had been removed. He was unintelligible when talking. During all of The Hours, most of Elbow and during parts of U2, something in the stadium near us was rattling like crazy. I think it might have been the metalpanels underneath the overhang of the middle tier, or thinking about, maybe there was an ad or sign on the face of the middle tier. Whatever it was,
  4. During Joshua Tree tour he slipped on a wet stage and in doing so managed to pull a lighting fixture over which caught him on the chin. That ,or he wascarrying the lighting fixture, I forget exactly. Think he also dislocated his shoulder in the same incident. Definitely some pics from around that time withhim wearing a sling.
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