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  1. Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) and Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) have been producing a podcast over the past year or so and the most recent features an hour of chat with Adam. The podcast is called Rockonteurs and available wherever you get your podcasts from, or can listen online here https://podcastaddict.com/episode/126200174. I really enjoyed it. They zoom back and forth through the history of the band, talk about songwriting process, the bond between the band members, key figures in the band's evolution, Adam's addiction issues and so much more.
  2. The waiting room idea seems to work, having used it a few times for different gigs. Just have to resist the temptation to refresh!
  3. Gutted, just bought seats for 9th, would've happily let you have my tickets for 8th for these. Don't suppose you want two seats for 9th? Block M35
  4. Anyone know if the standing tickets at Twickenham are for the pitch only or do they provide access to the lower tier of seats too as was the case at Millennium Stadium and (IIRC) City of Manchester Stadium? I suppose would be useful to know the answer to that for other venues too.
  5. My girlfriend has registered for subscription but she says she can't login to u2.com at all. She's definitely got the correct login details correct and I've tried them too, copying and pasting from the confirmation. She was hoping to get GA for 26th October at o2 or seats failing that. Username is julesuk1975 RESOLVED (messages merged) Yaye, sorted and she's got her tix! Thanks to all who helped with probs for my other half this morning. She's a happy bunny.
  6. Well, Peace on Earth is a song expressing doubt in faith/God/peace, so in that context it makes sense that it might contain thought(s) that contradict earlier thoughts which perhaps aren't shot through with doubt. However, the line in Peace on Earth is "They say what you mock will surely overtake you" i.e. someone else other than the writer is saying those words, he's just recounting the fact that the words were said. He neither agrees or disagrees with the sentiment expressed. With that in mind, there's no self-contradiction between the two statements as they are coming from two different sources.
  7. It's in The Sun so it must be true http://www.thesun.co.uk/s...eadline-Glastonbury.html
  8. As I understand it, LiveNation and U2's deal doesn't cover any of the music side. New records, old records, re-releases, compilations etc. are all covered under U2's deal with Universal Music, under the Mercury label (no longer an Island Records act). LiveNation deal covers the tour promotion, web site, fan club, merchandising and possibly other peripheral business. While there's no specifics as to how many tours/shows might come under that deal, it is surely reasonable to presume that LiveNation would have only signed a 12 year deal on the basis that the band would be a going concern for them over the course of those 12 years - i.e. touring.
  9. Wouldn't go so far as to say the worst tour ever. Was at Wembley 1, Sheffield and Cardiff and enjoyed all three shows, but Wembley 1 was far inferior to the other two for me simply because of practical issues:namely the view from my top price seat was really badly obscured by a claw leg sound was bad to the point where spoken words were unintelligible and everythingwas extremely reverb-y. Thought the band played great at all three shows though and never appeared to be mailing it in or anything, however they didn't really use the 360 aspectof the stage an awful lot which would have appeased me a little in respect of obscured view at Wembley 1 and I'm sure would have made the people in theseats behind the stage happier. The shows were sold as there being no front/back of the stage, but there clearly is a defined front of the stage and they do play at/to that spot for most ofthe show. In short, I think the concept is brilliant, the band are playing great (mistakes will always happen, it's live after all) and I don't regret going toany of the shows, but there are a few practical kinks which they should address if possible - the small number of seats at each show that will have a reallypoor view because of the claw legs in particular needs to be addressed somehow. Looking forward to next summer's shows.
  10. Just back from Sheffield. Sat on Adam's side, just about level with front of the b-stage and sound was immense.
  11. Was in section 121, £150 seats, near back row of the lower tier. Sound was terrible for The Hours, better for Elbow and better again for U2, but far fromperfect. Bono's voice seemed slightly helium-ish at times, like all the lower mid had been removed. He was unintelligible when talking. During all of The Hours, most of Elbow and during parts of U2, something in the stadium near us was rattling like crazy. I think it might have been the metalpanels underneath the overhang of the middle tier, or thinking about, maybe there was an ad or sign on the face of the middle tier. Whatever it was, veryannoying. Night wasn't helped by the fact one off the legs of the claw completely obscured Bono and Adam whenever they were in their traditional positions on thestage. Didn't see Bono at all in his laser jacket or any of his antics with the suspended mic for example. We still enjoyed the show loads, but would haveenjoyed it loads more if our seats had been the two to the left or right of where we were as at least we'd have seen the whole band at pretty much alltimes. Hoping for better at Sheffield and Cardiff.
  12. During Joshua Tree tour he slipped on a wet stage and in doing so managed to pull a lighting fixture over which caught him on the chin. That ,or he wascarrying the lighting fixture, I forget exactly. Think he also dislocated his shoulder in the same incident. Definitely some pics from around that time withhim wearing a sling.
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