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  1. Thoughts going out to you Bono, get yourself rested, relaxed & better young man! We love you!!! Sending all the well wishes and good vibes I can! XxX We'll be waiting ready to go crazy with you some night soon! Much love from Scotland xx
  2. I'm lucky enough to have got it 4 times out of the 7 shows I've seen this tour, with each one utterly special in it's own way (in Cardiff the crowd had to sing most of it, Bono was left really emotional after MLK and still nursing a bit of a headache from hell lol). It's seriously not outdated, it has no means of becoming 'old' sounding, timeless! And it cannot be overplayed, because it simply cannot be played badly! And maybe that's why they keep it back on occasion, Bono has to be feeling it, he has to want that particular mood portrayed... The London 2 setlist has Bad written in bracke
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