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  1. I got myself another account to buy tickets for NY later today. Received the confirmation e-mail. But I can't login! So i can't see the presale code. Screenname = gebeur. Need more info to help me out? Please mail me!! Gloria002@hotmail.com Thanx a million!!! Resolved (messages merged) It's working!! I surfed to u2.com on a 'fresh' computer .. one that I have never used to login with either of my logins. entered login and password and this time it said: you haven't verified your e-mailaddres yet. I could choose to receive a new confirmation e-mail. got that in my inbox, clicked on
  2. Dag Tina, ben blij dat ik hier terechtgekomen ben! heb net het boek uit van Cor, fantastisch boek. grtz steven

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