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  1. I got myself another account to buy tickets for NY later today. Received the confirmation e-mail. But I can't login! So i can't see the presale code. Screenname = gebeur. Need more info to help me out? Please mail me!! Gloria002@hotmail.com Thanx a million!!! Resolved (messages merged) It's working!! I surfed to u2.com on a 'fresh' computer .. one that I have never used to login with either of my logins. entered login and password and this time it said: you haven't verified your e-mailaddres yet. I could choose to receive a new confirmation e-mail. got that in my inbox, clicked on
  2. Dag Tina, ben blij dat ik hier terechtgekomen ben! heb net het boek uit van Cor, fantastisch boek. grtz steven

  3. I think they'll bring a lot more from the '80s we'll find out in a couple of months! unfortunately, I don't have tickets. did anyone say Live stream? please please, pretty please? !!
  4. [quote name='JuneT wrote: Steelerfan'] tell Murph he's fired, there's new security for Bono...... and it's two for the price of one girls!!!
  5. Emily, what a brilliant brilliant brilliant story. I just love how everything came together from waiting so long for the show to come to Australia, to your friend abandoning you and you queueing all by yourself ... deciding to travel to Perth ... overcoming your fear and shyness ... all the way to being brought up to the stage. Stories like that can never be long enough because they're so good. thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us. I hope there's some excellent photos and videos out there. You'll treasure this forever, awesome! :-)
  6. aha, I knew it! my first reaction was either Steve is a idiot or the journalist is. Turns out it's the journalist.
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