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  1. yes hugs to all zootopians and especially for healing Paul
  2. likewise, it's always a wonderful feeling to be back home, this topic is going on since years, almost ten, and I'm really thankful for that (((((((((((((((((supermegagrouphugss))))))))))))))))))))))))) HAPPY NEW U20015 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for all the lovely pictures, they fullfill the heart of joy xxxx
  3. many many hugs to everyone, and a special one to Bono for a speed recovery xxxxxx
  4. It's so wonderful to be back and to find a new forum and this topic still on....Many many many hugs to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxx MISSED YOU!!!!
  5. 3513-I heard someone wants coffee?
  6. ((((((((((Zhivvy and LA Woman)))))))))) it's a wonderful feeling to be back home...and all these news around make me shiver as well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx whohoooooo they're back they're back, sorry I had to say it somewhere lol
  7. (((((HUGS))))) WELCOME BACK! Thankssss I missed you soooo muchhhh!!!!!! Home is home, home sweet home
  8. ((((((((Zhivvy Tracy Arianna zootopians xxxxxxx hugsss))))))))))))))
  9. I chose this post to start the new year in the new forum...who knows why....I missed YOUUUU!!!! And this song will make me shiver forever, remembering the old good times...I miss the Claw too, must be that
  10. oh I forgot to tell that maybe it's just a coincidence, but since last American leg, when us europeans used to wake up at the sunrise for following the live threads with all of you, I still wake up every morning at 5am, maybe it's time for new live threads/concerts for changing jetleg
  11. Happy happy birthday to the best drummer of the planet!!!! And thanks for believing in your dreams ) This way you made us able to cultivate our dreams too!!! THANKS!!!!
  12. Thanksss for keeping alive this thread!!! I'm sorry it's long time I don't login, I had such a wonderful summer that I forgot internet lol lots o hugs for everyone (((((((((123love))))))))))) ((((((((Sunflower)))))))) (((((((U2LAwoman))))))) ((((((((Zhivvy)))))))))))) (((((((((Anjana)))))))))) (((((((((Sue))))))))))) ((((((((((Illumination)))))))))) I hope things are better or youxxxx ((((((((((((Pain))))))))))) (((((((((((Janette))))))))))) ((((((((Hestia)))))))))) ((((((((thebirthdayman Larry)))))))))))) ((((((((((zootopians)))))))))))) (((((((((((admins/mods))))))))))))) (((((
  13. ((((((((Karttuli))))))))) ahhh those happy days...I miss them a lot!!! It was the less I could do for my sweetest friends on earth, YOU!!!! ((((((((((Caz63))))))))))))) ((((((((((Zhivvy)))))))))))) and you're the best ever friend I could desire to have by my side, God bless you!!!!! Je t'aime! ((((((((((123love))))))))))) ((((((((((Illumination)))))))))))) I would need that too lol ((((((((((((Anjana)))))))))))))a big big big big hug for youxxxxxxxxxx ((((((((((((U2 LA Woman))))))))))) muahhh xoxooxox (((((((((((((Sue))))))))))))))xxxxxxxxxxxx you're the most special friends I could de
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