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  1. And so the rumors begin... Just seen several posts on FB and Twitter with information from this interview that I didn't hear. Band never going to tour again... may release another album but never play in public again... Its the end of the tour, Bono is tired (late night, tired of talking about U2 after the tour... who knows?)... I say give them a few months off because hell, after that long on the road you might not feel like playing for a while, then we'll see... Like Max said... patience... zen
  2. He didn't say it was coming to an end. He said that it was on the verge of irrelevance - think Oldie Band and "Yeah I used to really like them back in the day" - and that they were going to have to keep pushing and re-inventing themselves to stay relevant. That's my take on it anyway
  3. she read your complaint Mr. Perfect!!!
  4. oooh a French lesson and "Cameras all over the place" Never say a U2 press conference isn't educational!
  5. Hello Everyone! Thanks for posting David Bowie, Big Wave! Its so appropriate right now with our waiting. Kim, so so so happy for you! I saw you in the video!
  6. Welcome back feathers! I'm sorry that I'm travelling this holiday season and won't be doing cards :^( I enjoyed getting all the cards the last couple of years!
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