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  1. I've been trying to get tickets to the New York shows for over an hour. This is ridiculous!
  2. Well I'm pretty sure Edge no longer plays the Gibson Explorer of Boy, etc. I read somewhere that Dallas finally convinced him to keep it safe in the studio and he found Edge 3 other 76 Explorers (must be nice...). That being said, I have no idea how well the gear's holding up.
  3. I was super excited to watch the live version of Mercy, one of my favorite unreleased songs, but I was extremely disappointed in the changes. Now obviously the HTDAAB version of the song needed a little bit of focusing (especially around the bridge), but I don't like this newer version. I miss the pre-chorus, the lyrics of the chorus (I actually hate the new chorus lyrics. the melody is great but the lyrics are trash), and Edge's solo seems a little out of place. SOO, if you had to advise the band, would you tell them to stick with the new one or go back to the old version. I vote for the
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