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  1. and yea wow agreed, what was the article about again.... ps hey you how goes fancy meetin you in a thread about Bono swimming lol
  2. its private need to log on??
  3. Hey Josh Ive been outta loop again, *sigh* You sent me the link for the letter to live nation 2 months ago. I finally followed up on it but Im now behind can you tell me the nutshell update?? Im sorry I should have paid attention earlier and m feeling a bit lost I dont have my duals yet? Am I supposed to have? Should I still sign in for the letter or is it over. A well worded letter btw. Anything else I should know about? Lastly does anyone know how to block spam in the webmail -argh its nuts Thanks
  4. My prayers for your recovery, only come back when you are ready! I have a bone spur & bad disk, its sucks dont take any chances, remember to move with thought. Take care of yourself. {{Gentle Hugs}}
  5. Hi just wondering if I can pop a question in here, sort of derailing but for me Soo there is alot of info here and Im gonna try to digest it, but I have a question and perhaps you guys can answer it for me. I will start with my "tale" of guitar learning. Because Im really confused how to start again. I first back in grade 7 had lessons, (nylon) and we learned chords then played together in the class, a whole bunch of songs Id never really heard that only made sense when we played together. Ie the dreaded red river valley (ps walked 11 blks there and back with no guitar case lol) but i
  6. just listening to taylor american idol swift and I think thats the reason U2 is snubbed they were not produced on Idol
  7. I took this to keep me warm this winter...
  8. Kitty Chan taught Edge everything he knows...
  9. Bono and I visit Vegas and go to Madame Tussauds.
  10. [quote name='Bajagirl wrote: ceallach67 wrote: Annette Smith']I would like to know how it works. A Zootopian who goes by the user name Feathers has been putting this whole thing together for a few years now. She requests the names by email of all of those who want to participate in the exchange and you submit your name and mailing address to her. She compiles all the names and distributes the list by email to all who want to participate. Then you send Christmas cards out to the folks on the list and they in turn do the same. You end up getting Christmas Cards from Zootopians
  11. hmm would Magnificiant work?? born to love you...
  12. Sheep when you get to see it just think of this... BRUNO !! thats the bugging ya moment in the movie and you will know when you see it hee hee hee
  13. world politics is tough I doubt anyone is up to it really. Bono also said he would make strange bedfellows with people to get help for those that need it. There was the magazines with 2 people who would normaly not get together on the covers, Bono said he enjoyed getting people to talk who never spoke. I guessfinding a common ground for them. So he dealt with the Bushes oh well, seems to me theres alot of people in america that liked them too. Bono tries to treat everyone with respect, even Bush. Doesnt it count more as an example that Bono looked beyond the headlines and dealt wi
  14. awww I know, what youre saying but they didnt bring in the prisioners families and rape their wives and daughters in front of them while they were tied to achair. Then suspend the father and apply electricity to his parts until he passes out. then beat him then let him recover a bit then start over and over for months. Meanwhile his kids are back in school and forced to denounce their father in front of the kids everyday.. Im just saying on the whole americans are not quite on the same level. and at least you can protest it. over there if you said you didnt want to do something,
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