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  1. I got an automated email on 1 January inviting me to resubscribe for $40 rather than $50 (or the £GBP equivalent) and to get last year's gift. Hmmm. Surely they could have foreseen that this issue would arise again. It does every year. And it's getting worse.
  2. One way or the other some announcement is required so that those of us whose renewals are due on 31/1 could click on the button now. Or at least as many have suggested put an option to select the 2020 gift when announced up as one of the renewal options.
  3. The Berlin concert is being released commercially in due course by Eagle Rock - this is not something that will be a U2.com members exclusive gift. From what I've seen elsewhere online it will be like the previous tour DVD/BluRay releases as something that we will all have to buy. Leaving this year's gift as.....something else.
  4. Mine finally arrived in the UK yesterday after getting the despatch email on 30/10, so they are gradually filtering through. And sounding great!!
  5. It must be a very large post office. Or a very slow postman.
  6. Still waiting for mine in the UK. Was "transferred to the post office" on 7 November but since then no progress has been updated.
  7. Mine has said that for almost a week now. Have any copies found their way to the UK yet?
  8. You can't tell me that over 6 months after it was announced no one who is working on this knows the tracklist. They know. Even if they don't have a guaranted date of when these will begin shipping they surely know the contents. So why not announce that, and just say "shipping is expected to begin shortly" (i.e. during August). At the moment the silence is deafening and no one seems willing to stick their head above the parapet and comment.
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