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  1. I will not lie, I will definitely buy the super deluxe box, but regarding the content I am disappointed, the whole material (4 remixes excluded) was already available in some way, I would have included more or different demos and another previously unreleased live show. The Joshua tree 30th was obviously better. A missed opportunity to get the definitive ATYCLB version..
  2. albyu2


    How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Sessions, a fantastic period in Dublin, with many many chats with the band members, Adam was so kind! Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy birthday to Adam, a great musician and a great man, always kind to the u2 fans. I live in Italy, currently in a complete lockdown, so I am happy to go back to some good memories.. I spent a whole year in Dublin back in 2003/2004, the band was recording How to dismantle an atomic bomb, and I've been to Hanover Quay several times. Adam was very humble and stopped every time for a picture, a chat, whatever. Back then I did not have a digital camera, so I remember how I used to run to the nearest photographer's shop to develop my pics after every meeting with them. So thank you Adam, have a
  4. Italy,never had a problem with the previous gifts, but I would so much prefer a reliable, traceable and rapid shipping option..
  5. Still waiting for my gift, shipped on 10/31..I asked for a replacement but for now no news, bad news.
  6. My doubt is: I'll renew my subscription as soon as more details on the European leg will appear, but in the meantime I preordered the album via Amazon; now, will I receive a code by U2.com and another one by Amazon giving me the chance to purchase 4 tickets or will it be considered a multiple buy not allowed?
  7. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  8. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  9. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  10. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  11. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  12. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  13. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
  14. U2 360° Tour 2009, Dublin, Croke Park
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