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  1. I just got an email from the venue saying the lots won't open till 4:30. Ridiculous! Total disregard for GA. I've been to a few shows since they re did the building, and the days of going early and free parking went by the way side. They shored up the loose ends to just entering at will. Going to tailgate beforehand anyway. Can't wait to see them on Long Island!
  2. My question is this: got a single for myself this past Tuesday for one show. If they add dates later, am I still able to get another single to that show I desire? And if so, do I use the same presale code, or do I need to register again, and receive another code? Mods please? Thank you.
  3. Question: I just renewed at the end of August the day it was due. To get the presale now, I need to renew again? Please advise, as it is the last incomplete lock I have on my account profile. Also, when purchasing the tickets, a CD will come on the release date for each (2) ticket bought, correct? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I guess I am in the same boat here as many others Baja Girl. I never received an email to confirm my account_74615. I renewed back in mid January. When I log into myaccount, it has in my profile a 5 digit number in front of my email address. When I delete that part, and update my State, Country, and birthdate, it tells methey already have an email with that address. I hit the link to get an email if I didn't receive one, twice, and it hasn't shown up. I am concernedabout the email in my profile. My last email was to check out the 30 second snippets on saturday or sunday. Please HELP! Thank
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