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  1. Before you guys bash Coldplay to hell, listen to their relatively unknown stuff like "Amsterdam," "Glass of Water," "God Put a Smileupon Your Face," "A Whisper," "Moses," "Death and All His Friends," and "Cemeteries of London." You just mightbecome a fan. And only three of those songs listed above were from their collaboration with Brian Eno. Seriously, Coldplay was my refuge from the bull I received from U2 in the 1990s with Zooropa and Pop. And that's something I hold this"bed-wetting" band with respect.
  2. U2.com stated earlier that No Line on the Horizon will have a total of four singles released. What do you suppose will be the next three singles? I believe the order will be Magnificent, I'll Go Crazy..., and Breathe (the other most radio-friendly songs on the album); hopefully these tracks willimmediately change the media's view of NLOTH after the underperforming GOYB. The superb The Joshua Tree/TheUnforgettable Fire-esque Magnificent needs to be the first of these three to be released though. Anyone else agree?
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