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  1. As of now, i'm thinking they might...I cant get what i want for either seattle or vancouver right now..only sec 400's coming up for Van...Ridiculous...Its frustrating not knowing whats gonna take place...they could move the opener to thursday f they wanted, also...if they did add a second show in Van...Id stay up there rather than travel to seattle...Its tough when your booking a flight and hotel from the other end of the earth in CT theyve never done full shows 3 days in a row that ive seen in the last 20 years. i wouldnt get your hopes up...
  2. i was on the rail in front of the red zone...the view was perfect to see both stages and the screen. its also raised about 1-1.5 inches to hold the rail which made it so much better as there were some really tall people directly in front of us (at least 6'5) hence the zooming...
  3. got vancouver night 1 ga under 1 minute on the ipad app $170 cdn for the pair
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