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  1. it is my birthday today, so wish me well, and i'll take care of the naked part...
  2. and counting, go to atl fan gathering section for more atlanta stuff
  3. guggi, the original b-day happened, ABguggi b-day October 8th, anyway we all came into the world naked and it's a good state to get into on one's birhtday!
  4. from one to another, hope you have a fantastic 50th. will have to see if i can find my vigin prunes album (if i die, i die) and give it a spin. thanks for being a friend of U2 and others. nothing like a childhood friend who is still a close friend. have a great day and night.
  5. ABguggi


    believe 2 hrs is right and 11 is 'curfew ' so around 9 as start time right
  6. as long as they can play, they should. what would be crazy is to go to very small venues instead of the massive arenas, and they can debut their new album which is supposed to be more introspective.
  7. make sure their minds are in the right place and their thoughts on higher things. also I wouldn't mind introducing them!
  8. sleep, sleep tonight may all your dreams be satified . the closer it gets, the farther i feel ,
  9. ABguggi

    U2 mugs

    warm hugs to anyone who needs one. as for mugs, you may need to do it yourself with markers
  10. ABguggi


    the ghosts would be heavy into percussion, bells and such.
  11. ABguggi


    classic frank sinatra, summer the beach boys, timeless the beatles, voices peter murphy, mixed up the smiths, female the pretenders, can't choose one,only can listen to one at a time.
  12. are you ready to turn it up to 11? Spinal Tap came out with new album this week Back from the dead. got a few new songs but mostly classics such as Stonehenge(the album has a fold out design with the group onstage with the minature stonehedge) also hell hole, big bottom, tonight i'm gonna rock you, sex farm,heavy duty. i don't know why but i like it. they are doing a world tour (one night only)in england see web sight (spinaltap.com for details) anyone elseinto this classic rock act?
  13. read about the ticketless concept, not thought out - reading the stipulations, they cancel your tickets if they want to. so there is no guarentee that if youactually purchased tickets THEY WOULD BE HONORED?!? and imagine the line/ process of getting into the event- you have to check id and credit card, and what ifyou don't want to see the show but your kids do? this sounds like a mess esp. with majority of crowd tween/teen girls
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