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  1. first of all Merry Christmas to all and hope for peace on earth; plan to have mac and cheese (actually this was if did not get to store, but since got to store before closed having prime rib and mashed potatoes- American fare, the ham option)
  2. ABguggi

    f-n cold

    I'm in Atlanta- that's why it's F-N! maybe 18 Sunday---brrr.
  3. clean, warm, rythmic; oh sorry, you said go, not come
  4. ABguggi

    f-n cold

    how cold is it where you are - 23 here right know (farenhiet), at least not much wind and no snow yet...
  5. maybe she has a hyperactive thyroid?!? or perhaps is "too much caffiene in the blood stream"
  6. cold feet, warm heart- chilled, shaken but not stirred...
  7. nice to be naked, dance in the moonlight, quite flattering to the curves; sooner or later we are all naked, you can leave your hat on...
  8. jesus and the 12 had long hair (probably the temple keepers were the short hairs) style of the time; i'll just stick with the hair and shaved face (beard makes you look 5 years older at least- used to be called "papa smurf" when had beard, now wouold be grandpa smurf- will pass on that) really it's what's in the heart that counts, but in today's society is one of appearance. Let pure love shine.
  9. i guess i stand where i do, mine's got a curl, not graying up yet. I will again donate to Locks of Love when i decide to get it cut, which may be a while... as for other grow projects, water and sunlight keep things going right.
  10. HAIR! What do you think about long guy hair? I think Bono and the Boys were cooler looking back in early days - like Joshua Tree album cover. Do you think they can "grow a set" of longer hair again and be the hipsters they are at heart? Mine is over shoulders now going to mid-back as goal. Nothing but warmth for the head and a silent protest against the short hairs?!?
  11. Man look what happens after you turn 50; only good thoughts and prayers surround you. You turned my mourning into dancing. be still and know He is God. rest and recover. peace...
  12. nude, nude, nude- this is quite easy to do in a nudist colony!
  13. ABguggi

    very sad

    ATL not revisited either...
  14. so check em. still don't know why men have nipples though...
  15. okay if you have the chance catch him in concert; went last night and was quite impressed. In case you didn't know Leonard Cohen is now 75 years old and he does a 3 hour plus show. His back up musicians can hold their own ground. His set list was expansive including the obvious Hallelujah, Suzanne, Tower of Song... I do not know of anyone else this old that is so poetic and still energetic (no stage diving of course, but still a little dancing). I wonder if there is any other group or individual that can put on such a show. I also wonder if U2 will still be playing together at 75 years old. Po
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