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  1. On 4/13/2018 at 8:21 AM, LdeC said:

    Hi Passenger

    Best guess (based on how Evenko usually does things ) : 2 weeks before concert or on the same day  , with the same day drop being the most likely.

    All you can do is just keep checking  (which I won't be doing in May as I'm off for a mostly disconnect US trip).



    10-4, like I say, I now have 2 nights GA, did not want to leave it to chance :) Enjoy your trip .... vacation??

  2. 10 hours ago, LdeC said:

    After a quiet couple of weeks , some tickets released this morning

    Nothing major , some expensive $360 upper level (sections 102 and 124) + cheaper behind the stage seats . For both days .



    Hey Luc, noticed that too, esp. the quiet bit.......... wondering if it is still too early for thinking they might drop some GA's next few days/2 weeks? Trying to remember if GA drops are consistently just a few days before show night, last few tours?!?.......... I ended up not waiting, went w Stubhub for 2 GA's night 2, (a not too bad $200 each), already had night 1.....   

  3. 3 hours ago, hestia said:

    Maybe I could go.

    Hi Hestia, just an FYI, many people are aware that U2 is there, lots of media onsite now too.

    u2songs.com has the thing well covered, but yeah try your luck next 2 weeks I'm sure Ze Lads will step out for a mini-meet w fans at least once while they rehearse. They usually start mid-afternooon into late evening :)


    Additional security barriers are now in place around the venue blocking off access to certain areas close to the facility. The media has started reporting on U2’s arrival and a number of press are at the arena, perhaps more press than fans. Local fans who are at the arena have been asked for many interviews.

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  4. 21 hours ago, DeirdreBell said:

    If we're talking rarities - 

    Hawkmoon 269


    Indian Summer Sky

    Love is Blindness

    Every Breaking Wave (but with the full band)



    And I always want to hear Bad, but I just got that treat on the JT tour.  ; )


    I'd love to hear Hawkmoon as well, but Bono hitting the notes now on the last verse is a non-starter loll 

  5. On 3/19/2018 at 8:41 AM, LdeC said:

    After being temporarily sold out over the W-E , today's drop :


    A few half-decent (4th row from floor) seats in section 123 @ $360 on the 6th

    More scatered seats on the 5th and 6th


    Hi LdeC, today, now, March 6 sold out & March 5 left..... other way around since onsale Dec. 1 

  6. On 3/12/2018 at 3:55 PM, U2FanInVT said:

    As for tickets - looks like now just single seats left. 

    So I may have missed the opportunity to hit the second night - but will be watching to see what pops up!

    Hey U2FaninVT, I read at a couple of places that GA drops are pretty rare, in any city..... what's your experience with this if any?? I also read if it does happen it's like 1 week/2-3 days before show day.... I think I remember they did a GA drop in MTL I&E a few days ahead, but that tour had 4 nights in MTL. They also lowered tic prices by 25% 3-4 weeks before the show on the unsold lower bowl, I remember I found that sucked big time since I paid full price for my level 200 at onsale loll .

    With just the 2 nights this tour, chances are slim for a GA drop I guess.....  

  7. 4 hours ago, LdeC said:

    Hi Passenger 

    Unfortunately it seems to be totally random .

    I usually look in the morning as I'm trying to get tickets to other shows at the Centre Bell and I figure I might as well also look at U2 , it'll only take 30 seconds extra.


    Thx LdeC..... guess I'll have to spend more time scoping out this one :) ..... maybe we should hook-up show night grab a couple of cold ones before the show, working on a few meet-ups w other U2 die-hards :) ... so far I have tix for the Tuesday June 5, working on Wed. 6 June .. later my friend! :) 

  8. Hey Guys, 'round what time of day do they do these drops?? I check once in awhile in the evenings but haven't come across them yet.

    And U2FanInVT, no offence, but let's leave any GA drops to Montrealers, ok?? lolll ....... on IE I did 1 night of 2 in the stands by the B round stage (other night GA), 2nd tier level 200, (that large balcony type level just below the corporate boxes), was my 1st time in stands in 3 tours (all GA for others) and I can tell you, as you probably know, I will now only see U2 in GA, there's no comparison for feeling the music-show-atmosphere :)  

  9. 5 hours ago, nitz1 said:

    Will ticket prices drop? I paid small fortune for Roger Waters when they went onsale for this last tour and they never sold out. Got my son a ticket the day before and the prices for all sections were slashed by half! I called TM and asked whey seats better than mine were half the price currently. She said it was at the discretion of the artist and management and that they most definately can reduce the ticket prices. I was furious as I paid so much!  No recourse - my problem for buying on the first day of the onsale she said - Your dammed if you do - dammed if you don't The same thing will happen here - and the VF thing obviously was a bad call in this case as most shows are still not sold out hours into the onsale.

    U2 tix prices were dropped 3-4 days before the shows by approx. 40% in Montreal for the I E tour 2015, granted they played 4 nights then, but was still surprising & maddening at the time when you realise that your $115 ticket for nose bleeds cost the same as lower bowl 3-4 days before show day. At the time they were a few hundred tix left for each of the 2 xtra shows added 3-4 weeks after the first 2 were booked/sold out.

    So yes, with this tours tix prices & what looks like few sell outs so far (because as a matter of fact of those insane current tour ticket prices) prices will drop 3-4 days before the shows.

    By the way, not sure why, but the MTL shows are priced considerably lower than US shows, I mean for upper bowl nose bleeds, average of those prices here in MTL are $150, and that's Canadian dollars :)

  10. 4 hours ago, bigwave said:

    very touched by all the support, I know the OP was angry, we all are about this. Yes mods volunteer a lot of our time, and also yes there are a few perks. Its always been a huge honour for me to be associated with doing something for the band I love. 

    Mods are not angels (speaking for myself here, although I think Max & Mich just might be angelic :). I have had the most incredible year getting off my arse and following the JT around here and there. Amazing things have happened by being 'in the room' (often a big room with 50,000 others).

    I have also had the chance to do other things for the website and beyond, this year and in previous years. Most of that of course is top secret ;)

    Some changes ahead, some stuff to post soon about the interactions and chats we mods have had /are having with each other, / other fans / other fan site leaders about recent events, will post up on the zoo boards as soon as we can. 

    At them moment, its great these boards are here to let people have their say on the official fan forum, we hope that that can continue for a long time to come.

    Blessings x

    Ditto Ballardmama & Hear Hear BigWave, Max & Mich, keep up the awesome work, Don't let the Bastards grind you Down!! :)

  11. 26 minutes ago, pride said:

    You are awesome ! Thanks for the help.It worked !

    Excellent, glad to read it :) ..... we<ll touch base again a few days before the concert we should meet up that day put a face to U2.com handle, have a couple of cold ones :)

  12. They'll be able to see why you were unable to purchase etc & hopefully can re-activate your code..... but they will need 48 hrs to investigate why it did not work 1st time... I gotta go offline, i am way behind in my office work cause of this 2hr spent w tsolving my problem :) GOOD LUCK!!!

  13. GA's still available @ 11:45 am, just got them after CC acceptance problem by Evenko, even though my CC has been used many times/many years w Evenko, glitch in the system re. Ticketmaster/Evenko compatibility i think cause of this Verified system thru Ticketmaster....

  14. 19 minutes ago, pride said:

    I am also evenko.I called them and they said to try another card,even though my card was registered with them and I had used it with them in the past.

    When I tried entering another card,I was kicked out.

    How did you get your code re activated ?

    Hey Pride, the girl I talked to on the phone, Victoire (yes that is her name) told me they would re-activate the card takes a few mins..... it worked, just went back in w a friends CC & got my tix.... get the code re-activated via phone & use a friends CC but get their billing adress too ... + still some GA left

  15. Had the same problem, Evenko (MTL seller) says its cause my card was refused even though I have purchased many times w that card from Evenko, says my CC is American & imcompatible with their system.....  glitch in the system apparently.... they will re-activate my code in a few mins but I cannot use my CC, have to use a friend CC, but now probably no GA tix left!!

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