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  1. Amen Channel 30! Any idea, if this will go past the 30 days? Cheers all
  2. Tough debate on what to scrap, all I want to hear is Heartland........
  3. i'd lose my lid if I heard Heartland.......
  4. fleshfly


    they were on howard stern this AM, the odd thing is my wife thought she saw adam on a ferry from Orient pt NT, to New London CT but wasnt 100% sure, and didnt want bug him or take his pic....
  5. this is just ONE hot mess, at the end of the day, all this creates is a boring, BAD, show where half the people in attendance have a shit load of money and really don't have the DESIRE to be there and just stare at their phones the whole the show... This is really no fault of the band, but just the way it is this day in age for the number 1 band in the world...
  6. if so, congrats! I wasn't able to, I had about 20 minutes of browser/end user issues and got GAs. Was curious. Thank you!
  7. you need to make sure your browser is set up correctly. I switched from my work computer, and used my home computer with google chrome and there were lots of tickets in Boston to choose from as of 9:30 AM, also when you are on the right broser you don't have to do that Robot hassle every 5 secs... Anyone know what the different GA sections mean? On one search I saw a GA3 and then GA5. Wasn't able to find redzone?
  8. ok thanks, I wasn't sure if they would go on tour again soon, like past tours
  9. any one have a guess when they would go on tour next? It wouldn't be until after the next album? Curious to what everyone was thinking. Thanks
  10. wow, I am surprised i missed it….good analogy of with or without you….
  11. Long time U2 fan here, Is it just me, or is every breaking wave the most hottest fUking song right now…. I just stumbled across the live version on here for the first time, under media, and I pretty much pissed myself and cried like a teenager….. I can't think of a song that had a greater first impression, impact. Maybe it is just me. See you in Boston
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