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    All of them!! Have seen them 9 times.
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  1. I'll be there too! Looking forward to it!
  2. Dearest Bono, you need to rest, rest, and more rest and then rest some more!!!!! We'll still be here when you're ready. We know you're in good hands, just listen to the doctors and Ali and take it easy. Wishing you a pain free and speedy recovery! F'ing 50's............... ( Lots of love from Chantal and Kathy in Montreal ♥♥♥
  3. I gave my sister's (2 of them) a GA ticket to the U2 Montreal show on July 17th..... They freaked!! Just like I thought they would!!! Was worth every penny to see their faces! And all kinds of stuff for my 2 kids, niece, nephew, husband, mother, mother in law..etc... my list is long. But I think I did pretty good, everyone seemed to be happy with their gift and I didn't break the bank.
  4. For me the U2 journey all started when I saw on some video show back in 1983 the video for Two Hearts Beat as One. I said to my younger sister something like this " Wholly smokes those guys are gorgeous!!!And what a great song!!!". I then later saw them on TV performing at the US Festival in 1983, (it might've been '84 when I saw this) and when Bono climbed to the top of the stage, I was dumbstruck, this guy is either crazy or just too F'ing cool!! Then seeing the Live at Red Rocks concert on TV and by now I had bought their albums, they had done the Band Aid song and video. And the
  5. The GEG presale is closed until tomorrow at noon when the tickets are on sale for the general public. The amount of tickets that GEG were allotted to sell for the presale is sold out, there are still tickets left to be sold tomorrow at noon. You can try logging on to the GEG site tomorrow morning and get all your info in and wait in the "waiting room" until noon and your turn comes up. Good luck!!
  6. Well that's a tough one, there are way too many to choose from. I agree with you, Bad is amazing live. But I'd also love to hear : Gloria, 11 o'clock tick tock, Two hearts beat as one, Bullet the blue sky.
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