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  1. @Redhill. This has to be on the free side as the complaint from the majority here is that there is absolutely nothing worth paying for on this site. I stopped paying for this very reason last year which is why I can now only post on the free side. Give us something worth paying for and I will happily re-join tomorrow.
  2. Can anyone see the irony in paying £200 for a Glastonbury ticket just to protest for 10 seconds which wasn't even shown on TV. They should have donated the £200 to charity if they are that keen on making sure money gets spent on deserving causes rather than wasting it. Double standards me thinks !!
  3. How about a big shiny lemon? Or is that too wierd !! Larry says they are going back to playing on a small stage and I can't see them using a walkway out into the crowd as at the end of the day this is Glastonbury and NOT a U2 show.
  4. Great stuff, small stage, woo hoo bring it on. My money will be on a fan neutral "greatest hits" type set-list as opposed to a set list aimed at the U2 die-hards. For me as long as we get The Fly, AIWIY and NYD then they can play whatever else they want to. Son No.1 has just left for Glastonbury to travel down early tomorrow morning carrying the biggest back pack you have ever seen. Looks like he may have gone for at least a month !!
  5. I can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close my eyes And make it go away.... RIP King of the Universe, Clarence Clemons
  6. Here you go .... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=u2+360+setlists
  7. Could have saved you typing it out.
  8. shoshannah wrote: What does 360 mean--full circle--is this their farewell tour? I can see how they might not want to announce it--no one believes those claims anymore; they (whom ever announced this is their last) always seem to come back within a couple years, making the announcement look like a way to sell tickets, The Eagles and Led Zepplin being among the exceptions. Slight correction. Led Zeppelin have never reformed to make more money unlike bands like The Eagles. Led Zep only reformed after 27 years for theAhmet Ertegun memorial tribute concert at the O2 and then refused to go o
  9. Shonuff75 wrote: Not only are you one of the only bands I have seen that charges people to be members of their fan club, but you let most of your tickets get bought up by all these ticket scalpers!!! So true fans of your music, people who pay money to be a part of your web site to get early access, etc. can't even get tickets to your shows. But you probably don't care. Your tickets are selling and these scam artists ticket scalpers make it near impossible for normal folks to be able to afford to come see you. The people who have been there from the beginning and who love your music ma
  10. I think you should travel...I prefer you to do so. You plainly need to get out more.
  11. ATYCLB = A?......You've got to be kidding me. NLOTH blows that pile of shit out of the water any day of the week (Walk On & Kite excluded).
  12. I suppose we will have to settle for the quadruple now. Ain't life a bitch?
  13. Why would anybody want to pay to watch a game of football that Manchester United are not involved in?
  14. Just for info The Book of Kells was not available in Feb when I was there last but Trinity is still a great place to visit.
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