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  1. I love the unreleased version and i was really upset that they made those changes. Edge's solo in the unreleased version is one of my favorites.
  2. september 29, 2009 Washington DC. three days after my 18th birthday. best birthday gift ever. i was right up against the rail and it was spectacular.
  3. Has anyone else recieved theirs yet? Its been like a month and I'm still patiently waiting
  4. U2- Magnificent.. definately the most energetic song ono the album.. i love it!
  5. anyone know of any shows coming to pittsburgh, pa?? i missed them last time and didnt realize how rare a U2 show at Mellon Arena was. and now this tour is a football stadium tour and i don't even know if Heinz Field does concerts.. the only one i know of was Bon Jovi last year.. im freakin out over here.. if i dont se them this tour ill go crazy! (if i dont go crazy tonight) haha
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