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  1. Happy Holidays!

    1. pain_18_


      Merry Christmas !

  2. jujuman2


    I saw you in OKC 2009, great job!
  3. It's kind of the "Mysterious Ways" or "Grace" of this album. In Mysterious Ways, Bono sang, "One day you'll look back andyou'll see where you were held." In "Grace", he sings, "She carries the world on her hips." Here he sings, "She saysinfinity's a great place to start." This song is about Grace. "She" holds us, carries us, and keeps us for an etenity, where there will beNo Line On The Horizon.
  4. Covers are ok but with this huge tour, it needs to be an ALL U2 affair my friends!
  5. On "Wild Honey", Bono sings....."In the days when we were swinging from the trees, I was a monkey..". On stand up comedy hesings..."God is love and love is evolution's very best day". What does the U2 fan make of this? Darwinism? Intelligent Design Theory?Neither?
  6. Have u ever considered buying a hardhat to wear out there? And tacosontheceiling, if you read this, watch out for falling tacos!
  7. My favorite U2 songs have always been the ones NOT played on mainstream radio. Some examples are When I look at the world, Acrobat, Original of the species,Miracle Drug, New York, to name just a few. I often feel like the general public may not be able to appreciate U2 at this level. Do most U2 fans feel thisway?
  8. Bono on a surfboard! I'd love to see it but probably never will. I can certainly understand why you don't think you can relate to him. His thinking canbe quite alternative, as you say, but I guess that's why he's U2's frontman and activist, and we're not.
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