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  1. Bono Baby, Please get well soon. Don't cancel Chicago performance pleeease! I can not wait till next summer to see you-its way to long. Is there anyway you can make the trip??Get well soon. I love you
  2. I love U2 and the U2 fans are great!! Lets get together a few hours before Opening of USA Tour Night in CHICAGO-September 12th and 13th.. Where shall we allmeet? Somewhere close to The Stadium? Any ideas where would be good and we shall enjoy sharing our previous U2 Concert Experiences, sharing photos, and gettinggeared up for the GREATEST U2 Concert ever-360. Respond on this page and together us U2ers can plan a preconcert event! If there is a better forum to set thisup at please let me know and we can arrange it through a Chicago U2 Forum-through U2.com....of course.
  3. Google their involvment; it's quite vast. You will be impressed
  4. yES for love, not money..and to discuss everything inbetween! Thanks for creating this link for all us U2er fans. Hey, I've been following everything U2for..hmm like 20 years. Looking forward to discussing concert, venues, their music, and maybeeeee...if we are lucky; maybe even chatting with Bono and theboys-in all their freetime-NOT! Thank you again for this site. I must say-this is something nice to engage in as we all share our U2 moments (hours is morelike it; hey they always play minimum 2.75 hours) awaiting the venue we have seats in, or the concert we have just been to.
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