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  1. Same happened to me... not sure if it worth a try to get the GA Tkts for the new date in Milano tomorrow or just try another City...
  2. Great! I will keep following as I have same exact questions
  3. I have just renewed the subscription and checked ticketmaster but but but I am going only to EU gigs. Should I disconnect from ticketmaster USA? Will I have problems when EU pre sale starts??? thanks
  4. Uncredible... You can try to call them tomorrow. And please be careful as there are lots of reports about false tickets being sold
  5. That is always a problem buying online in Brasil with credit card for foreigners... Did you register here? https://premier.ticketsforfun.com.br/membership/joinnow_Default.aspx?returnid=3172198d-cbc1-42fd-b470-f2fd4110bd44
  6. I am in the stadium, someone need a Ga ticket?
  7. I am in the GA entrance now, but if you have the Red Zone ticket I will go out and wait for you.
  8. I need one red zone 16.7 ? Still available?
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