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  1. Hey everyone !!! Noticed that tix for Pittsburgh at the lower level are selling at regular price or less than $200. Many are for $35 with obstructed view (Just that skinny tower). Went ahead and purchased section 121. Just thought I would FYI.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM !! Mr. X marks the spot !!
  3. I just broke down and cried at age 13, when I heard "I Still Haven't Found.." My first U2 album. WOW 25 years ago is when it began for me !
  4. I'm becoming a bit uncomfy now. Just with the experiences of old.
  5. agt, stay strong. I struggle with manic-depression, and am here for you if needed.
  6. Paul Piper picked a peck of pipes in Peru.
  7. PS PS ... You learn alot from Art History, and Anthropology.
  8. Non of these acient symbols is/are evil. It is oviously the paranoia of the religeous right. They suggest a female deity is evil, now we know how they feel about women. The Eye Of Horus is actually derived from the female Eye of Wadjet. The west was considered heaven because the sun set there. The coffin would face west when someone was burried because it helped their spirit into the west, for rebirth when it rose again. Sun worship is not evil. Jesus is the "son" of God. What appeared in the night sky when Jesus was born ? A Star. What is the sun ? A star. PS - ..and Earth worship is not evil either.
  9. Michael Jackson gave them to him, or Liberace.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I was having difficulty on CNN's site.
  11. Way to go Adam ! http://www.walkinmyshoes.ie/
  12. I'm glad he did it....or that anyone would.
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