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  1. I agree I shouldn't have automatically expected to get tickets in pre sale - my intial rant on Saturday was just pure disappointment at not getting tickets. However, would still have been nice to have notice. It was all rather rushed if you ask me. I don't go on websites much for information, I purely relied on u2.com for an email - they were supposed to be informing us of the details - and why not? Are they not the 'official' website? Anyhow, it's done now - will just have to take pot luck tomorrow. Good luck to anyone trying tomorrow xx
  2. I am a paid subscription member and only got my first email to notify me of a pre sale last night. Scottish pres sale ended at 12 non today and started yesterday and now I'm fucked for my pre sale tickets? Anyone know what I can do? Can't believe the lack of notice on this. I have complained to u2.com and if I don't get help I want my subscription money back. What the fucks the point otherwise? ? Not impressed
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