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    Boy: I will follow, Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree,....
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    New: The Blackout, Love is All We Have Left; IGC, UF, TH, RH, MW
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    "Streets"LA rooftop
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    U2ei Tour SJ1&2
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    Live: IE tour;Joshua Tree Tour & U2ietoursj2. Video:Rockplast1983.
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    24hours would be enough time to discuss them all!
  1. SJ2018 house lft. Seats & a few GA.
  2. Get Out of Your Own Way… Get to the Show! U2 Experience & Innocence Tour 2018 SJ RedZone/GA/Seats U2’s Surfs Up Friend! Go! Don’t overthink, just Go & Experience the Show! Now, I’ll tell you why: I went, because I love their music: Adam’s flowing bass lines, Larry’s precision soulful drumming, Bono’s poetry, and Edge’s meticulous quest for new soundscapes. To be honest, I was also excited to see what Joe & Willie’s staging, sound, and lighting creation
  3. Yes, they did. They were at the very edge of the rail knob on the staff walk way & were told by security & staff spots could not be saved. Yet, people tried to save their spots... they seemed to be gone for almost an hour! We waited & many people thought they had won the lotto & gone to a VIP viewing area. Still, people tried. While I was visiting the facilities, a new couple had taken their spot, so when I got back the people beside me said "those two are not moving!" It seemed soon after, the Lucky Ladies came back. Eventhough they lost their spots, they seem euphoric, busy
  4. Great!... I would asked to hold all 18 ...then volunteered to help/ watch/ learn to restring all if them. One can dream ( lol)!
  5. U2ietour SJ2 Red Zone SouthSide (Edge Side) Yes,the Red Zone area is smaller than last tour; Everyone commented about this: especially the rail/ front/ runway access area. If the RedZone map was correct at ticket purchase time, most would have purchased the GA ticket during the presale- if they could. The positive consolation was that the funds would go to (RED); which is making a positive change in the world. Many fans said they had seats the SJ1 show to appreciate the light theatrical part of the show. People liked that they could have access to the GA area, but commented that on the
  6. Love the new site set up. Much easier to navigate, especially with multiple devices. Qudos to those behind the pages. :)

  7. I was not able to purchase online or with app. Help For San Jose Monday or Tuesdayfrom 10AM on. Tonight, ticketmaster days my code is not valid. Who do I contact for help please? Thank you, Konasunset Mahalo Big Wave. Any help would be greatly appreciated; especially during this busy roll out Resolved (messages merged)
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