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  1. I fully agree - I've traveled all over the globe to see them (which I have been prepared to do at HUGE expense) I dont have an issue at the lack of venues, would be far easier for me if the had a Scottish date but that aint gonna happen, over the decades when no Scottish dates have been included I've made treks to London and Dublin on numerous occasions, Cardiff, Paris, Barcelona and bloody New York! what I am NOT prepared to do is make all that effort and massive expense and be lumbered with shit seats in a huge stadium because U2/Ticketmaster cannot get their act together.
  2. couldn't agree more, however I don't think any answers will be forthcoming... sad fact is that all the venues will sell out and that is all the various parties involved in this tour are bothered about... simple as that. the matter of a significant number of disgruntled, long-term, loyal fans who may not renew their subscriptions pales into insignificance for them as the £ and $ is obviously main driving force... stopped being about the music and the genuine fans a long long time ago sadly
  3. I have no issue with their opinion, what I do have is an issue when they are expressing that opinion without knowing the facts! - as I have stated, I have no issue with supply exceeding demand, that is simple - my issue is why Ticketmaster screwed up with the presale and non members could by premium tickets in teh presale without a code... what is the point of the presale??? my issue is also with Ticketmaster being allowed to hold back large % of tickets for ALL venues and exploit genuine fans by reselling on their sister sites for a VAST profit... question... how far up the tree does this revenue go??? the entire Ticketmaster system is corrupt to the core... it's legalised ticket touting and anyone who thinks the band and not complicit in this charade are simply deluded... I've been the first to defend them over the decades but this has gone WAY WAY too far and we are all being shafted... we have a choice, roll over and accept it (which I have done on numerous ocassions) or decide enough is enough... my own personal position is that I'm not riding the gravy train any longer... I'll wait on the new album which has been promised for years now but we've been sold another line about world politics delaying it further..... couldnt make it up!
  4. OK one thing I have to say is that people who are super angry they can't get Red Zone... you are not the only fan trying for Red Zone! The tix are extremely limited, how many people to you fit in there? I count myself SUPER lucky that I got for Pasadena, but I certainly could have got GAs or any other ticket I wanted in Red Hill presale. I know some crazy stuff happened with the first London presale, but I don't believe that Red Hill presale entitled anyone to Red Zone tickets - there are a lot of Red Hill fans that want them this time around... I do agree with all the other shit for the resale secondary market stuff though, but everyone in Red Hill should have been able to get SOME tickets, maybe not Red Zone though. I have NO ISSUE with supply exceeding demand, what I DO HAVE AN ISSUE WITH is Ticketmaster making a complete arse of the European presale of RZ tickets last week and releasing the tickets on Wednesday in the presale WITHOUT the need for a code - ie open to ANYONE??? have we had an explanation or apology - NO! then surprise surprise, RZ tickets appear as if by magic on resale sites for £4K a ticket whilst genuine fans are being exploited!... and for the record I'm not taking a lecture on the rights or wrongs from a U2 Fan who's first gig was 2009! I've been going to see them live since 1983 and have religiously paid my subscriptions LONG before the days of internet and U2.COM when the fanclub consisted of a quarterly magazine called Propoganda and havent missed a single year for 35 years! - that was back in the day when the the music was the most important aspect, not 2017 when they trot out another BS lame excuse about Trump/Brexit having to delay the new album until the can see if its 'still relevant' - never heard so much garbage in my entire life! smokescreen after smokescreen
  5. with you 100%... membership up in March and WONT be getting renewed. I have spent £000's and £000's over the years on tours across USA, Europe and no end of Limited Edition merchandise, have an entire cupboard full of the stuff but this is the end of the road for me... lost touch a long time ago and not to mention the recent lame excuse for yet another delay in the album release... I personally couldnt give a shit how 'relevant' it is in these Brexit/Trump times.... it should be about the music, not a political statement...
  6. cheers, but the manner in which this has been handled from the outset has left a very very bad taste in the mouth..... couldnt make it up how much of a shambles it is.... what is the point of a fanclub presale if the tickets are currently unavailable to paying members but end up on general release some days later. corrupt doesnt begin to cover it.. game over as far as I'm concerned
  7. exactly.... a big fat 'silence' on the issues - no acceptance, apology, nothing.... lots of 'sloping shoulders' on here. not acceptable! still no answer WHY the RedZone tickets were put online for sale in the 'PreSale' last Wednesday WITHOUT the need for your code - 1 week on, we'll just forget about all that and sweep it under the carpet... garbage! I believe it wasn't fixed for todays presale either, I was trying for Twickenham RZ and you needed to put codes in for other tickets but not VIP Red zone strangely enough. yep... saw that myself first thing - what a complete and utter shambles... however in reality, if the gigs all sell out (which the will def do) does anyone care.... simple answer is NO
  8. brilliant fed up fighting those damn robots!
  9. exactly.... a big fat 'silence' on the issues - no acceptance, apology, nothing.... lots of 'sloping shoulders' on here. not acceptable! still no answer WHY the RedZone tickets were put online for sale in the 'PreSale' last Wednesday WITHOUT the need for your code - 1 week on, we'll just forget about all that and sweep it under the carpet... garbage!
  10. nope.... gone - regrettably have a job and life to be getting on with, should NOT be this difficult to buy tickets in a first wave presale. ciao
  11. nope, no redzone available and that has been the case since 15 seconds past 9am... same shit as last week...
  12. london... I'm finished with this garbage Big Wave... totally sick of it,, it stinks and EVERYONE knows it. this is game over as far as I'm concered
  13. complete and utter f@*cking disgrace... 9:00 on the button, no redzone available... TICKETMASTER AND U2, you are a complete disgrace. membership WONT be renewed after 35 years going back to Propoganda days, have seen the band across Europe and USA for decades but this is the finish. this is NOT a case of being unlucky and supply exceeding demand which I would happily accept, this is simply a case of legalised ticket- touting.. thats the presale for both London dates and Dublin with genuine fans being totally shafted and swathes of tickets being creamed off at source by ToutMaster and resold for vast profits on their sister sites... someone want to try and explain why U2 (the band of the people) are simply allowing this to happen to their loyal and genuine fans??? answer is simple... MONEY! U2 and their management team are completely complicit in this scam and couldnt give a SH1T about us... SIMPLE AS THAT.
  14. you are 100% spot on!!! I have no issue if we are simply unlucky un a ballot situation, but this is simply been a complete cock-up from start to finish strewn with basic errors and partners which arent fit for purpose and simply cannot do their job properly (historically every single time!!!)
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