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  1. wow, why does this does this not surprise me at all....
  2. Hi, I have a promo code from my 2012 subscription that was unused. I am trying to renew my subscription, but my code doesn't seem to work. Can someone tell me how this works? Thanks
  3. How can you tell me to resubscribe when I get a second copy of From the Ground Up, U22, the 6th Download of Spanish Eyes and what not? Will they be announcing a new deal in the next few weeks or are the people who run the site still this clueless? Sorry for the bad vibes, but...
  4. I Remember When We Could Sleep On Stones

  5. The Vertigo video closes with "Taken from Edge's Picks" so I think its safe to say we know 6 tracks now. Quite honestly it through me for a loop because I had just assumed Vertigo would be on U22... But I guess its not one of their iconic live songs from the last two tours or anything
  6. November December remember we just started again Please
  7. Jack White - Love Is Blindness
  8. [quote name='bflorendo wrote: peterferris8 wrote: richie459']Wow you sound like a chap who knows his stuff! Stages etc interest me a lot its always the first thing I think about when a band tours "wonder what the stage is like". I was just speaking from a spectator point of view! I have seen some great tours though with great effects in recent years, but of them all I bet U2 were gobsmacked they never though of the wristbands Coldplay used last year. They even bought the company who produce them. I'm a bigger U2 fan but those wristbands were the simplest yet cleverest and atmospheric
  9. U2 in theather shows......................
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