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  1. wow, why does this does this not surprise me at all....
  2. Hi, I have a promo code from my 2012 subscription that was unused. I am trying to renew my subscription, but my code doesn't seem to work. Can someone tell me how this works? Thanks
  3. How can you tell me to resubscribe when I get a second copy of From the Ground Up, U22, the 6th Download of Spanish Eyes and what not? Will they be announcing a new deal in the next few weeks or are the people who run the site still this clueless? Sorry for the bad vibes, but...
  4. I Remember When We Could Sleep On Stones

  5. The Vertigo video closes with "Taken from Edge's Picks" so I think its safe to say we know 6 tracks now. Quite honestly it through me for a loop because I had just assumed Vertigo would be on U22... But I guess its not one of their iconic live songs from the last two tours or anything
  6. November December remember we just started again Please
  7. Jack White - Love Is Blindness
  8. [quote name='bflorendo wrote: peterferris8 wrote: richie459']Wow you sound like a chap who knows his stuff! Stages etc interest me a lot its always the first thing I think about when a band tours "wonder what the stage is like". I was just speaking from a spectator point of view! I have seen some great tours though with great effects in recent years, but of them all I bet U2 were gobsmacked they never though of the wristbands Coldplay used last year. They even bought the company who produce them. I'm a bigger U2 fan but those wristbands were the simplest yet cleverest and atmospheric idea I have ever seen at a concert....genius! Problem is that those wristbands were costing Coldplay thousands each night, so financially it's not the best move. Red Hot Chili Peppers had RFID wristbands for their Knebworth gig. It's a really good system because it helps combat touts. U2 should look at RFID wristbands for the next tour in my opinion. I can understand a desire to try out new things on tour, but to be honest I'd rather U2 just did a gig with some screens and some tunes. Metallica have a very basic stage setup - a big video screen at the back and loads of walkways and microphones positioned in different parts of the stage. I think a more stripped-back setting like that would be good. Actually, from what my buddy told me (crew member of Metallica) on Metallica's next tour, Lady Liberty will explode in several pieces. It will be in-the-round. I think they're also experimenting on new technology. Not many people notice, but the mixes on those monitors constantly change, whenever a different member of Metallica stands at that spot. Each member has his preference of what they want to hear in their monitor mix. I think there's something in the works to make this easier on the monitor engineers. Like Coldplay's wristbands, I think U2 would do something where they'll have the audience get their cell phones out, in certain songs. They'll use it to display images or videos. @peterf - me too but U2 hasn't been a simple band since Zoo TV. they ask about each tour what can be done thats never been done before. Obviously then, Bono will teleport around stage on the next tour
  9. U2 in theather shows......................
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