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  1. ESorensen


    #PinkAdam at sunrise atop Mt. Whitney, CA. Highest point in contiguous US, 14,505 feet
  2. ESorensen


    #PinkAdam on top of Mt. Whitney, CA. Highest point in contiguous US, 14,505 feet. Join us on our journey of the #JohnMuirTrail. on Instagram/Twitter @EvanSorensen; FB Evan Sorensen
  3. I just realized that among the many tragedies of MLK's assassination is the fact the he and Bono never had the chance to work together. What a powerful team that would have been.....

  4. Here's the latest correspondence from U2.com Fan Support. I don't know what else I need to do to confirm I AM NOT A BOT, I AM NOT A SCALPER. I AM A REAL HUMAN FAN. Their response makes no sense. So tired of this nonsense: Thank you for reaching out to Fan Club Support. We sincerely apologize for the delay in responding, I will be glad to assist you. I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. For this years presale not all paid subscribers received a code. The following information is located under HELP: The verification process reviews U2.com subscriber accounts to identi
  5. below is copy of the email I received today from U2 Fan Support (aka, Live Nation). It does in fact appear that being a subscriber no longer means you will get a presale code. This would be a massive departure from past subscriber benefits. If true, and the events of the past week appear to confirm it is, this is a shameful change in policy. "Hi Evan, Thanks for contacting U2 Fan Support! I do apologize for the delay on this response, we do have a high volume of emails going out and we are taking care of them in the order they come in. I will be more than happy to assist you with this
  6. everyone go watch / listen to lyric video for #AmericanSoul. It helps put things into perspective. We will work this through as a tribe http://www.u2.com/news/title/this-country-is-to-me-a-soundof-drum-and-bass/news/
  7. I'm genuinely glad that you had your issue resolved relatively quickly compared to others. I still can't understand why some who didn't receive codes before presale have been contacted by TM with personal ticket offers, why some have received emails suggesting they will be placed in first group for presales next week, while others have received no word at all. I'm just baffled and can't figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong, if anything. Besides positing on the boards, calling U2.com, sending emails I don't know what else I can do to get the powers that be to know I AM NOT A BOT, I AM NOT A
  8. the above text is copied from Guy's response not Max (you, Max, are doing a fantastic job supporting us). It would be nice if Guy's team would actually reach out to the 'potential scalper' that's been flagged to verify that we are a genuine subscriber. I mean a simple phone call to the subscriber would solve that problem. Since that's not happening I'd like to know if all the emails I've sent to TM and U2.com are unflagging me. When Guy says above, "we will now build in more time of them to be individually reviewed", I think this is hogwash. Presale for round 2 of shows is next week and there
  9. Regarding Guy's comments.... confusing. Here's my story: I registered and received green SETUP COMPLETE. I received no presale code.. I apparently still am not verified. What more do I need to do help mgt and this programming system know that I AM NOT A BOT. I AM NOT A SCALPER. I am a human being, genuine fan and I DESERVE TO BE VERIFIED. According to Guy the only reason I'm not verified is b/c the system think I'm not human, a broker, or a scalper. This is unacceptable. I've sent several emails to TM and U2.com - what more does it take!! In my case Guys comments below feel very empty and
  10. JTB find me on twitter @EvanSorensen ; can't figure out how to send you a personal message and would like to continue the convo on the Psalms...
  11. As an @FullerSeminary grad I couldn't find myself prouder and more inspired by an institution represented by those that find the intersections and inspirations of art and theology like Makoto Fujimura (@iamfujimura) and David Taylor (@wdavidotaylor). I believe U2 have always used their music as a means to extend their primary message and mission: That God is a loving God and earnestly seeks us all to fulfill the great commandment - love God with all your heart, love ALL others as you yourself would want to be loved in this life. This band has always brilliantly used allegory to gently bring us
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