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  1. This is exactly my experience (no pun intended) as well. I was supposed to be in front of the stage and ended up looking at the guys' backheads, the equipment racks and whatnot. In close to 20 years of buying show tickets I have never, ever seen something this messed up. Back in december, the two seperate RZ's were shown to be right next to section 115 (left side) and 123 (right side), which is reverse of the actual layout and what the ticketing system is now showing. The staff member I spoke with did not seem to be aware nor did he seem to care. But they made it right for you, so that means I should've argued and argued until they agree to do something ?!? How messed up. I have contacted Envenko today and they're saying there's nothing they can do about it now that the show is over. How 'bout contacting me before hand to offer different seats? Talk about lousy service!
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