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  1. Cheers Coleena. Didn't know about the pit option. I'm hoping to have a great night!
  2. Has anyone been in the Red Zone before? I have 2 tickets for Red Zone for Melb 1 - had a look at photos from the 360 concerts I went to in Europe last year and now realise we won't be immediately next to the stage but rather next to the circular walkway. Reckon those with GA who que up super early and make it to the front will have a much closer view of the band.
  3. [quote name='bestia wrote: bluehammer wrote: bestia']I think alot of the confusion is due to the fact that Ticketek and Ticketmaster are different with respect to their ticket numbers: Ticketmaster: Perth & Melbourne: Please note: There is a limit of 4 tickets per transaction Ticketek: Sydney & Brisbane TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member -so you can buy 4 for Brisbane and 4 for Sydney - confirmed by Ticketek. Hmmm yes. very clear. Although does 4 tickets per transaction mean you can buy 8 tickets in 2 transactions...hahaha!!! I decided to experiment with my presale access code. I've bought 4 tickets for the Melbourne show. Ticketmaster correctly did not allow me to proceed with purchase as I've used my code. However, ticketek let me use the same code to select tickets in Sydney and I could proceed to the checkout stage. Obviously they've not found a way to close of this loophole. And seriously if they haven't and allow fans to purchase multiple tickets, I don't think fans should be penalised.
  4. [quote name='cure1973 wrote: one_bad_lemon']FAQS states - code to be used ONCE only, ONE code per transaction, up to 4 tix limit what if you bought only 2 tix say first up, can you go back and use this same code and buy 2 more to make up the 4 limit per code it wouldnt let me choose the mix neither, hence went for RZ only x2 very confusing! but I'd rather be safe than sorry so won't try don't think and instead go via public sale exactly what i did.....missed out on rz2 though....jeez they must have gone quick!!!! I found the limit of 2 redzone tickets by ticketmaster frustrating. actually wanted 4. ended up getting 2 redzone and 2 seated. would really like to get redzone tickets. also annoyed that i'm hit with 2 x handling charges bcos ticketmaster didn't allow the mix of tickets for one transaction.
  5. I still haven't received my presale information email - Relied on my past experience in Europe, the FAQs and the admin/moderators and info on this board. Again, feel that the NZ/AUS presales were too rushed. Hope everything ends well with my tickets - slightly worried as I had to go in twice to make my purchases - but I've complied with the 4 tickets to one show rule, so will kick up a hissy fit if any tickets are cancelled. It's also my understanding that if you have 2 codes then you can buy up to 4 tickets for any one show - so if anyone has done this you should be ok.
  6. I understand that we can only buy 4 tickets for any one show per the rules. Does it matter that I bought tickets in diff categories i.e 2 redzone and 2 seated. The only reason I did this was because the system didn't allow me to buy 4 redzone tickets so I went for the next best thing. I would be very upset if any of my tickets got cancelled, especially as it was a system problem (as confirmed by several earlier posts). Can anyone provide clarification? To the admin and moderators: Thanks for being patient and dealing with the million and 1 queries. - Good job
  7. I managed to buy 2 REDZONE and 2 top priced reserve seating for MELBOURNE. System wouldn't let me buy 4 REDZONE tickets, which was a bit of a bummer. (I used diff accounts to do this). But, woo hoo I'm going to be in the Red Zone! Good luck everyone. Keep trying Edit: Feel a bit silly now. Wished I had tried for 2 more Redzone tickets instead of the seated ones. But panicked a bit when I couldn't get all Redzone tickets. Oh well, having tickets is better than having none at all
  8. Does anyone else feel like the presales for NZ and AUS is too rushed?
  9. Does anyone have any idea which side of Etihad stadium the Claw is going to be placed? Makes a difference to seat choices. I'm surprised that presales are kicking off so soon with so little info on ticket prices and seating. For the Europe tour in 2009, they had impressions of seating charts for all the stadiums so one knew where the stage was. Mods - hopefully you can request for seating charts or at least an idea where the Claw is going to be situated. Thanks.
  10. I hope they sort out subscription renewal and presale access codes soon! Saw them twice in Europe last year and now that I've moved to Melbourne, I want to see them here!
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