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  1. G/A tickets for May 12 Las Vegas from T-Mobile arena website, flashseats paperless. Be quick!,
  2. Just spoke to a friend who has tickets for LV1. On his flash seat account listing for his GA tickets it says "Resale & Transfer Restricted" His theory is maybe Tmobile/AXS are about to release more GA tickets, and they obviously would prefer to sell more tickets rather than let people swap/sell previously purchased tickets. Just a thought I guess. Maybe the transfer restriction will be lifted nearer the time .
  3. Hi Did you have any luck with Flash customer support? On the TMobile/AXS website when you search for tickets at the bottom of the page it says: GA is Flash Seats only Tickets re non - transferable Tickets are not resellable. I have been checking the website regularly for tickets and I haven't seen it before. And it appears to only be for GA tickets. This is disappointing to say the least. You have spare tickets and I am looking to buy tickets and it looks like they will not allow this. It would be great to hear how you got on, and if you still have your tickets for LV2 maybe Flash Seats could help us both. It is very unfair that you will lose money and the tickets will go unused.
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