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  1. (educated?) guess on when the next tour will take place in the U.S?
  2. Mods... anyone? I can't be the only one (other than the Taylor Swift post on the other forum) that has this question? If I am, then that means others know the answer. Can anyone help?
  3. I did the citi verified fan for SJ, first night and got tickets. what do I need to do to do the same for the second show for SJ?
  4. Do they hold seats and GA and only release them for the general sale or has everything been release (especially seats) to date and general sale people get what's left over from previous sales? Will there be more/better options if I wait until monday? Not really liking what's available now.
  5. I think the screen is lame and pointless. So is it just like what that had two tours ago? entire length of the stage?
  6. I agree. Totally stupid!!! So many, otherwise good seats, are now not. Total waste!
  7. So we should still be able to see the band, for the most part, and just not be able to see the screen?
  8. Anyone successful in getting GA today? I only saw 2 opportunities for GA and they disappeared. Other than those 2, I've seen none!!!!!
  9. I tried entering the 2.25 discount codes I have and it said they've already been used or something to that affect. I've never used any. Has anyone been successful at using theirs? Any tips?
  10. How can there be so many limited view tickets? At my venue, at the end of the stage, both upper and lower section, multiple sections are all limited view. How can such a large area in front of the stage be limited view? I understand those behind and to the sides of the stage but what is blocking the view in the front? upper and lower and many sections?
  11. I have a lot of these to use. Has any used them? I assume I put in each code before paying with my credit card? And it probably has to be all done under a time clock? I'm hoping they can be copied and pasted? Anyone with experience using these codes? Can I use multiple of these codes for one ticket?
  12. Thank you! I was hoping/thinking it was just that. Was worried it would be a VERY long, specific link that I would have to copy.
  13. Ok, so I'm not a techie and I'm old school. I do everything on my computer and nothing on my phone. I know that we will be getting a text tomorrow with a link and a code. Is the link just a link to ticketmaster and you use the code there? Or is it a link I need to use directly? I'm wondering how to get the link to my email on my computer and not use the phone at all? Or can I just go to ticketmaster on my computer and use the code there. I know, I know... I'm behind the times!
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