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  1. Once u log in to ticketek, click on the U2 advertisement, should then see BUY NOW, click and a box will come up asking you for fan club password, enter ur code and the u will be able buy. Just got my red zone AUK tickets no probs, sweet as. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for that. I am hoping to bring my 11 year old, so the GA is a no no really for her sake. Don't know whether to go for best/most expensive seats or the red zone. I grew up with U2 but this will be my first time seeing them live. Any advice?
  3. can't see the seating layout in nz yet either but did notice that the red zones are on either side of the stage on the outside of the walkway. So who are the people in the very inner circle and how do you get there?
  4. Yep i have two codes as well. one of my codes is from last year unused. The code beginning 2 is the 2010 code allocation but you can use either fine.
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